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Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Lily's Birthday Gifts

For those who might be interested in seeing the things that I made for Lily's birthday, I'm adding a few photos.  You might recognize the ideas as I made them for Charlotte for Christmas.  Thank you, again for the fabulous tutorial from 12 Crafts Till Christmas.  Here's the link to the tutorial and here's the one that I made for Charlotte.  

Baby Doll Bassinet

Doll Diaper Bag with pocket (and lots of junk in the background)

Accessories: Changing pad, wipes case and wipes, taggie blanket, and diapers (I'm working on the tutorial on how to make these little doll diapers; they're a hit with Charlotte who was disappointed when I packed them up to give to Lily).

I highly recommend the tutorials for the wipes, bassinet, diaper bag, and changing pad.  I used the diaper tutorial for Charlotte's gift but got a little fancier for Lily's.  I did use a ribbon for the handle of the diaper bag because I'm lazy it looks fancy with the satin ribbon.  The 'taggie' toy that I made has a little bit of the gray towel that I used at Christmas time to make Lily's elephant towel.  I just made mine without a pattern but I'm sure there are lots of tutorials out there for this sort of thing.  If it's supposed to be for a human baby, just make the dimensions smaller and voila, it's perfect for baby dolls!  
I hope that Lily enjoys stuff as much as Charlotte does!  It was certainly fun to put it all together!

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