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Sunday, April 3, 2011

My Mad Scientist Turns 6!

Part 2: The experiments, the food, and the kids

Mr. Bond, the Science Guy was the main event of our party.  He's a very reasonably priced children's entertainer and the bonus part is that he's a real chemist who used to work for the EPA.  He engaged the children for at least an hour and I'm pretty sure that the kids would have enjoyed it for another hour!  The parents that stayed at the party all loved the experiments and the humor.  Fabulous!  I appreciated that the birthday boy was involved in the show and that Mr. Bond tried to let each of the attendees (did I mention that there were 24 kids??) participate.  
Below is Alexander pouring warm water into a bowl of dry ice.  Love the fog effect!
The kids loved it when dishwashing liquid was added to the bowl.  The bubbles started growing and growing.  Alexander's face is priceless!
Charlotte got to hold some of the bubbles.  She was less than impressed although I think much of her hesitation had to do with the large number of attendees at the party.

We all tried to 'drink' the fog and a few were able to blow it back out again through their mouths or even their noses!  I tried and found that it made me feel a bit like I was being suffocated.  Perhaps I inhaled a little too much.  I did not inhale!!

The kids made slime using neon paint, and a few secret ingredients.  They loved getting all messy and watching the slime go from sticky to squishy.  The slime was in little cups that the kids got to take home in their goodie bags

Here's Aunt Michelle trying out the Van de Graaff generator.  Her hair stuck up pretty well but not as well as Charlotte's, who again wasn't too sure...
You probably can't tell but I made blue brain ice cubes.  The kids thought they were cool although the effect wasn't exactly what I had in mind.  We fed the kids pizza for lunch.  No, I didn't make it myself.  I didn't even order it myself.  Thanks, Jon Butler for ordering the pizzas for us!
I really wanted to do some funky snacks for the party and was able to get one of my ideas ready for the kids to enjoy.  Below is a petri dish with an earthworm.  The solution that the  (gummy) worm is in is blue jello.  For the record, Peter made the jello and made my idea happen.  I love how they turned out and the kids liked eating them.  I think Charlotte had two or three dishes!  The gummy worms and petri dishes are from Oriental Trading.

 I'm not sure what Charlotte and her buddy, Thomas, were looking at on the floor and I didn't even take this picture (anyone want to claim it?) but I think it's so cute!

Alexander was spoiled rotten; I couldn't believe all the gifts that he received.  The exciting thing is that most of the presents were things that we could do or build together.  We've already built Lego Starwars, painted dinosaurs, built pirate ships, grown dinosaurs that came out of test tubes and more. I can't imagine that I'll ever be able to top this party!
Please note: I got many of my ideas from blogs online.  Favor and ice cube inspiration from Sew a Straight Line.  She also has some great ideas for experiments that you can do at home or at your own party (if you decide not to take the easy way out like I did). The invitation and the cake ideas, especially the candy lava came from Party Planning Moms.  Grab some free hazard stickers from Living Locurto.

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