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Wednesday, September 14, 2011

First Days of school

Sneak a peek!
Ok, so I lied about not posting for a while.  I wanted to get these snoopy day/first day of school pictures up before it's the summer again. We got to meet Alexander's teacher the afternoon before the first day of school.  He was pleased that he knew some of the kids in his class and I really like his teacher.  She seems to know what she's doing and has kids Alexander's age so she's really tuned in to how kids at this age learn and act.
First day of school (the sun was REALLY bright).

Handsome boy in standard school attire (Uniform)
 Charlotte started a new school this year.  At the last minute, she got into Otter Creek, our church's preschool/kindergarten.  I'm excited for her to make friends that she can keep for years and years.  This year, she got Mrs. Betsy who seems to love the kids and is gung-ho to get in and teach and play with the kids.
Discovering toys on Snoopy Day

First day of school (the sun was too bright to get pictures by the front door)
 You'll have to ignore the gray smudge on the picture below.  At Otter Creek, we drop the kids off and they're taken to their classrooms; I'm lucky if Charlotte turns around to wave.  She was excited about her first day and walked right in with no tears or reservations.  I hope the whole year goes that smoothly!
First drop off on the first day of school

Busy bee

Yes, I've been so busy that I haven't been able to post.  I've been sewing my fingers to the bone and still have quite a few projects to get made before the end of the month.  First, I made the cutest little Jon-Jon for my friend, Kara, who is having a little boy in the next few weeks.  It was the first time that i had made a reversible outfit for a little boy so I'm thankful to my friend, Amanda, for walking me through the construction of the crotch during a frantic phone call.  Sometimes, when I look at a garment for too long, it starts to make me confused.  Here are a couple photos of the finished product:

Also, I found a great tutorial to make a gift for one of Alexander's friends.  He was having a Lego-theme party and I wanted to take something new and original (too bad we didn't know about the party while we were in Legoland in England!).  I made a Lego sack using this tutorial and I'm really pleased with the results!  I pretty much followed to instructions as they're very good.  I'd highly recommend the tutorial (and it's a great way to take a gift without having to use wrapping paper or a bag.  We put a little Lego set inside the pouch.  You could make a sack for a little girl to hold Polly Pockets, Littlest Petshop, Barbies or Legos!  The sack/playmat will go flat so projects can be built on it and then the drawstrings can be pulled and everything in the circle will be contained!  Hooray!
The finished product, neat and tidy
After pulling the drawstrings (tie in a bow to close the gap)

This is the sack lying flat
In addition to making these gifts, I've been working on all sorts of things to welcome the arrival of my nephew, Jackson.  Michelle had done some research and really wanted me to make her a nice looking  hospital gown with coordinating outfits for the kids so that they could take pictures and look cute as can be.  Trust me, she didn't need a cute hospital gown to look cute, the whole family is so attractive as is....but I didn't want to let her down so I found a great pattern online for the hospital gown and I made it WAY smaller since Michelle, even at 8 months pregnant, is tiny.  So, of course, in my haste to get everything done, I didn't get pictures, except on my phone and I didn't get one of Jackson's outfit.  Bummer.  I'll have to wait until Jackson is born and then we'll have lots of pictures of the coordinating outfits!  Here are Michelle and Lily's:

It's probably going to be at least a few weeks before I post again due to more sewing projects and possible travel to see my new nephew.  I'll try to keep you updated!