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Wednesday, September 14, 2011

First Days of school

Sneak a peek!
Ok, so I lied about not posting for a while.  I wanted to get these snoopy day/first day of school pictures up before it's the summer again. We got to meet Alexander's teacher the afternoon before the first day of school.  He was pleased that he knew some of the kids in his class and I really like his teacher.  She seems to know what she's doing and has kids Alexander's age so she's really tuned in to how kids at this age learn and act.
First day of school (the sun was REALLY bright).

Handsome boy in standard school attire (Uniform)
 Charlotte started a new school this year.  At the last minute, she got into Otter Creek, our church's preschool/kindergarten.  I'm excited for her to make friends that she can keep for years and years.  This year, she got Mrs. Betsy who seems to love the kids and is gung-ho to get in and teach and play with the kids.
Discovering toys on Snoopy Day

First day of school (the sun was too bright to get pictures by the front door)
 You'll have to ignore the gray smudge on the picture below.  At Otter Creek, we drop the kids off and they're taken to their classrooms; I'm lucky if Charlotte turns around to wave.  She was excited about her first day and walked right in with no tears or reservations.  I hope the whole year goes that smoothly!
First drop off on the first day of school

1 comment:

Jo Chetta said...

Hi Anne! It was great meeting you today. I am looking forward to getting to know you better. I looked through your blog just now and am amazed at your creations! Plus I love the name of your blog and its cheeriness. =)
I'll have Marc send you my email thru Peter...I definitely want to stay in touch (and maybe even glean from your sewing expertise!) :)