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Monday, January 2, 2012


Just before Thanksgiving, Charlotte saw something about Phineas and Ferb Live, a live Disney production that was touring the country.  Immediately, she was begging to see Phineas and Ferb ALIVE!!  I want to see them alive, she begged!  Well, how could I resist her sweet pleading?  I talked to my friend, Amanda, and it sounded like their family might be interested as well.  We cleared it with the hubbies and made our plans.  I found a hotel on priceline for $50/night in the heart of Buckhead that included breakfast and parking.  Unheard of!!  
We decided to make a weekend of it so drove down on Friday and got started on our fun on Saturday morning.  Our sightseeing began with a trip to the American Girl Store.  All of the boys steered clear and each ended up with fancy remote control cars.  Maybe if I had steered clear, I could have gotten a new pair of shoes?  We found a doll and some accessories for cousin, Lily, and Charlotte had fun playing and looking at all of the AG accessories.  What a fun place!  
Next, we made our way to a restaurant that I found reviewed online called The Fickle Pickle.  It was good and the kids' meals included a huge homemade cookie.  YUM!
 Next, we drove over to the Fernbank Museum of Natural History.  This museum has a great section for the kids to play (ours played for at least 45 minutes) with stairs, slides, and nature information.  There's a senses exhibit that included huge bubble 'wands' and lots more!  I think the coolest thing that they had was the huge dinosaur bones.  Here's one grinning at you!
 I had to include this picture of me because Peter took it from far, far away and I actually like me in it!  (Maybe that's because it's far, far away)
 Amanda and I travel well together.  We planned our big activities (and meals) but didn't set a strict schedule.  The kids all got along well and we
 Bubbles!!  The kids all loved playing with these bubbles!  Even the adults got in on the action!
 Outside the Fernbank museum, there are fountains with dino sculptures in the middle.  It wasn't too cold so we were able to check them out for a few minutes before running into the museum.
 We had a great dinner at Fellini's pizza (a recommendation from Amanda's sister who lives in Atlanta).  Then, we went back to the hotel and exchanged gifts.  I'm so excited about my new laminating machine that Amanda got for me!  Everything that I have will last forever!  (Imagine me with my sinister laugh...)

The next day, we saw Phineas and Ferb Live and had the opportunity to wear our matching Perry t-shirts that I got for our Disney trip.  You can see all of us wearing them at Disney in this post.

We stopped at the Marietta Diner on the way home and aside from fairly slow service, our food was good. We had a good trip back and enjoyed our time out of town with friends.