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Monday, October 31, 2011

Disney World

Yes, that's right, folks, we're goin' to Disney World!  (Ok, actually, we have already been and come back; I couldn't tell the entire blog world that we were going to be gone for a whole week!) I did lots of sewing and crafting to get ready for our trip.  I'm so excited to share this idea that I got from Made.  Yes, that's right, I made t-shirts into dresses for my little girl who, all of a sudden, will not wear anything but dresses.  The fun part was finding Disney shirts to turn into the dresses and then finding a contrasting knit for the neckline. I made three different versions, one from an extra small women's tshirt (trick or treat), one from an extra large girl's shirt, and one from a large men's shirt - all this to say that Dana's pattern calls for a man's t-shirt but you can fiddle around and make a smaller shirt work!  Endless possibilities with this idea!
 I found a couple cute Disney appliques at Joann and decided not to leave Alexander out.  He was happy to have a couple shirts to get into the mood.

 I had grandiose plans to have several family looks but ended up with just this one.  We got all sorts of compliments on our Perry the Platypus shirts/dress.  I made Charlotte's headband to match and she loved wearing it.  I highly recommend working with knit fabrics.  So much fun and easy because it doesn't fray at all.  Here we are, looking for Perry with Phineas and Ferb.

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