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Sunday, December 11, 2011

Happy Halloween!

I'm a little behind on my blog posts so yes, I'm sure that I mean Happy Halloween and not Merry Christmas.  Just thought I'd slap a few words and photos on here so that those who keep up with the blog can see that I've not been lying around doing nothing for the last few months.
So, just a quick couple pictures of our Halloween costumes.  I did not make Charlotte's costume this year; I had started a Tinkerbell costume but it seemed to run VERY small, each step had more and more details, and my serger is on the fritz.  I did make her a Cinderella tutu-dress using this tutorial from Natasha.  I just made it longer, added a ribbon around the neck and a waist sash.  Charlotte wore this to breakfast with the princesses at Epcot and to our Trunk or Treat event at church.  So, by the time that Halloween night came along and she wanted to wear one of her dress up costumes, I just smiled and nodded.

 I did make our Potato Head costumes.  They were fun and easy and I based them on this tutorial.  We didn't have anyone to take a family photo so here are two, one with each parent in it.

Next up, a few highlights from Charlotte's 3rd birthday party!  She's not a baby anymore!

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