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Sunday, December 11, 2011

Charlotte is 3!

Because Charlotte's birthday was just a few days after our return from a week at Disney, I didn't go wild and crazy with homemade favors or decorations. In fact, we had our party at Shipwrecked Playhouse, an indoor play-place, and the theme of the party was Pirates and Pixies.  I had my friend, Sarah, make the cake/cupcakes.  She really did a fabulous job, especially because I told her the theme but didn't give much guidance!  She came up with some really cute ideas!

Because we were at Shipwrecked, I didn't have to do much decorating (and wouldn't have time to do so anyway since there are only 15 minutes between parties).  However, I couldn't let the party go by without doing something so I made a little fabric bunting; they're really popular right now and you can find pictures and tutorials all over the internet.  I didn't use a tutorial, I just made a triangle pattern, cut my pieces, and sewed them on the inside fold of a piece of double-fold bias tape.  It went pretty quickly and I think I'd even do it again, if I were asked.  I hope to, one day, have a Christmas tree for Charlotte with pink and green ornaments and we can reuse the bunting as garland.  We gave out (chocolate) gold doubloons, Pirate and pixie coloring books, pirate costumes (from the target dollar bins), and pixie wings and wands to each of the kids.  We also gave each child a cookie made by another of my talented friends, Kristen Brown from As you Wish Cookies.  Check her out, you won't be disappointed.  
And what birthday would be complete without a little bit of spoiling??

As you may have noticed, I have discovered a new feature in Picassa3 that allows me to make a collage of my photos.  So, I threw a couple together instead of putting each photo on a separate line.  Fun!  I'm still getting the hang of it but I like how it lets me put a bunch of pictures all together.  

Happy Birthday, my sweet Charlotte!

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