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Sunday, December 11, 2011

Breakfast with Santa

All was going well with Charlotte and her desire to meet Santa.  We tested it out at the mall.  I didn't have a camera and didn't pay the people to take one but she sat in his lap with no problems.  She didn't know what she wanted but had been thinking about it for a couple days by the time we went to the Family Christmas Breakfast at Otter Creek.  I wasn't at all nervous about having a repeat of the screaming fit we had last year.  I should have been prepared.  Here is what happened:

1.  Sweet child sits next to her daddy
2.  Mommy is brought into the picture to deliver not as sweet girl to Santa's lap
3.  Mom tries to convince screaming girl to at least sit in Santa's lap
4.  Screaming girl slips out of mom's grasp and runs to the door, trying to escape
5.  There's no picture of this...but in step 5, mom gave up. 

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