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Sunday, October 30, 2011

Sign here!

I knew the kids would be excited to meet all of the characters at Disney and I wanted a good way for them to remember their time with Mickey and pals.  So, I made autograph/photo books.  I made a book for each kid using 8x8 scrapbook paper and Disney stickers.  Then, I took the books to Staples and had them spiral bound.  We tied a Mickey ribbon to our big sharpie pens and were so pleased when the characters noticed their 'pictures' in the books.   The kids showed off their books to everyone and I'll add photos of the kids to the books as soon as I can get the photos printed.  These are great souvenirs for the kids and much more fun to look at than the plain, boring books offered for purchase at Disney World.

Donald noticed that his page was decorated just like his shirt!

Charlotte meets Goofy.  He was VERY tall!
The front of the books, please tilt your head to the right since I can't figure out how to turn this picture.

Inside the front covers  have dates and "If found, please call my cell number" (I covered up my phone number so I wouldn't get calls from random strangers). 

We all love that Eeyore signed his page with a backwards "e."  
I grumbled a little bit when putting these together because it took quite a while and I tried to research which characters we would see so I could include them in the book.  However, I am glad that I took the time to do it because we had fun finding the characters and making new friends.

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