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Monday, April 18, 2011

Easter is on the way!

Just in case you forgot, Easter is only a week away.  So, you better get your chocolate bunnies and Easter grass and get ready!
Here are a few pictures of the kids at an egg hunt that we went to today.  Alexander was so excited to go and Charlotte had no idea what we were doing...until she got going.  I think Charlotte is an egg hunt natural.  This picture is of her finding one of her first eggs but she filled her entire basket and would have continued if I hadn't stopped her!
Can I complain a little bit? (As if you have a choice.)  Cell phones do not take good pictures.  I want my camera back.  Hurry up fix-it people!  I need my camera!  (Example of bad cell picture below; I wish I had gotten a better picture of Alexander at the hunt.)
Phillips Toy Mart in Bellemeade always has a fancy bunny exibit before the Easter holiday.  We decided to check it out (and purchase a birthday present for a friend).  The bunnies in the exhibit are a little hard to pet since the rails are so tall (for the kids) but we got lucky.  There was a bunny breeder outside the store that had about 25 bunnies available for purchase.  We did not purchase one.  But we did get to pet them and cuddle them.  Peter was at school so I wasn't able to juggle bunnies and photo taking.  Maybe next time.
Stay tuned for a short post with a picture of Charlotte's Easter dress!  It should be done soon!

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