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Tuesday, April 26, 2011

To-do Tuesdays

Charlotte's Easter dress in action.  (Disclaimer: I am not the one who tucked in Alexander's shirt)

Do Peter's laundry for next week.
Finish baby doll diaper tutorial (still without a camera). 
Call to find out when my camera is going to be fixed.
Call all of my friends and ask them to please stop doing their rain dances.
Firm up a house for Disney World.  (We're not going for a long while so don't get your hopes up burglars!) 

I'm completely fed up and done with thunderstorms and severe weather.  Rain in the spring is fine but 3-4 weeks of tornado warnings is just over the top.  Maybe next week will be sunny and perfect.  We can always hope!  Oh, and as for last week, I did get the laundry done (and most of it sorted and put away).  I didn't finish an old project but I did complete a new one; I appliquéd a lollipop on a little pink knit dress that I purchased at a consignment store.  I wanted Charlotte to have a cute dress to wear to her cousin, Lily's 2nd birthday party that had a candy store theme.  I wish I had my camera at the party because Michelle, my sister in law, is so creative. Maybe I'll have her write a guest blog someday (when she's not working or chasing Lily or sleeping or eating or pregnant.  Ah, well, I guess she doesn't have much free time but when she has a little she makes some really cute stuff!

All of the kindergarten classes at Alexander's school put on a musical, The Little Red Hen.  Alexander had a small speaking part as Farmer 16, "And when she got home, it was time to make the tortillas."  He memorized it on his own and delivered his line with confidence and poise.  We were so proud.  Oh, and for those that thought that the little red hen baked bread, keep in mind that the kids at Glendale are learning Spanish so part of the show was in English and part in Spanish. 

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