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Tuesday, April 19, 2011

To-do Tuesdays

Charlotte's Easter Dress
I finished Charlotte's Easter dress!  Hooray!  I think I would be happy if that was the only thing that I did this week.  However, I also finished Lily's birthday present, and went through Charlotte's clothes.  I didn't get to Alexander's yet.  What do you do about changing from winter to summer clothes?  Every time I think it's ok to weed out the warm stuff, we have a chilly day so I feel satisfied that my procrastination has paid off.  However, there must be some rule that organized people go by!  I started the post about my sewing area organization and tried to take some photos but they really were quite terrible taken using my phone so I'm going to wait until my camera returns to finish the post.
Things to do this week:

Wash and pack clothes for our trip to Indiana
Finish one of the sewing projects that has been sitting around for ages
Cook dinner 3 nights (warming up chicken nuggets doesn't count)
Go to bed before midnight at least 4 nights this week (I'm tired and I'm pretty sure it has to do with staying up too late watching HGTV!).

I'm working on my first tutorial blog post.  It's nothing fancy, just reusable babydoll diapers.  If I can get the scanner to work, I'll have a 'pattern' and plenty of cruddy pictures (from my phone) to share.  

1 comment:

Melissa said...

the dress is even prettier in person! Great job, Anne