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Friday, April 1, 2011

My Mad Scientist turns SIX!

Part 1:  Invitations, decorations, and favors
From an early age, Alexander has been interested in science.  He likes to read children's encyclopedias, especially the pages that pertain to how the world works.  So, what better way to usher in year six than with a Mad Scientist Party.  What a blast!!

Here's the invitation!  It's a shaker card.  There are lots of great tutorials out there on how to make these.  I looked a couple like this one and this one then made a trip to Michael's.  I think the most important tip to remember is to buy the mounting tape; regular double sided tape won't work!

I used Publisher to throw together the inside and printed it on white copy paper.  Peter helped me tape the insides in the cards using double sided tape. (I can't get this photo to turn the right way so just tip your head to the left and enjoy.)
 Favor bags were from a bundle package that I purchased at Michael's and then added a few stickers that I made out of clip art.  Alexander helped me with this part and let me know exactly where each sticker needed to be placed.
 Inside the favor bag, we put mad scientist glasses, a magnifying glass, sticky frogs, (all from Oriental Trading), test tubes with nerds, pop rocks, and glow bracelets.
 I really wanted to show off this fun fabric that I picked up at Textile Fabric's semi-annual sale.  This piece was in the clearance room so it was 75% off.  I plan to make an apron for Alexander using this fabric and some flame fabric that he picked out.

Each child was 'checked in' and given a name tag.  I used clip art and a table in Word to make the name tags.  I printed them on a full sticker sheet and cut them out.
 To decorate the mantle, we used a bunch of the science books that we have (or were given), plus a few fun experiments and science gadgets.
Tune in the the next post to see pictures of our entertainment for the day, Mr. Bond, the science guy.  He was fabulous!  We highly recommend him (and you'll see why)!

1 comment:

Carrie, The Modern Housewife said...

wow. what a party!!! that looks like a blast. you did a great job on everything!