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Monday, February 28, 2011

Opryland Hotel

We love it when out of town guests come into town because we can visit the tourist spots that we don't frequent on a regular basis.  My oldest biological brother, Robert, came into town with his girlfriend so we tried to hit a few of Nashville's hot-spots.  We dined at Baja Burrito, Burger Up, and had Uncle Bud's at Murray and Jaime Sanderson's adoption fundraiser.  We stopped in Fisk University's galleries, which house some pretty amazing art (Nashville's best kept art secrets!) and a fancy, old Bible given to Abraham Lincoln by 'Colored People'.  I've never been all that interested in history but talking with Robert, who is an avid history buff, makes it a bit more palatable.  We also played at Centennial Park and spent some time at the Opryland Hotel.  Robert is not a big fan of country music so I didn't drag him to the Grand Ole Opry or to the local honky tonks but I think that the next time he visits, we'll have to hit a few anyway.
We got some great photos at the hotel!
 Alexander loves any sort of adult attention (and he loves showing off).  Robert kept giving Alexander dollars if he could read random words.  I wish someone would do that for me.  I'd read the dictionary out loud if I got a dollar per word!
 Even though this photo is a little blurry, I like that it looks like we're in a tropical paradise!
 Someone's legs got very tired!  They both had fun walking through the hotel like this!
LOVE! this photo!  Alexander just thought it was cool that he was nearly as tall as the horses!  Charlotte and Peter were at home while she napped.  They missed out on some fun and ice cream.

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