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Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Favorite Book Character Day at Glendale

Alexander decided that for Favorite Book Character Day, he would dress up like Andrew Dubble from the book series, Andrew Lost.  Of course he couldn't just choose a cowboy, pirate, or spider since I already had those costumes.  The series is all about Andrew who invents all sorts of wacky things and gets into some precarious and hilarious situations.
I decided to make this costume easy and bought two clearance shirts at Academy Sports (they were less than $2 apiece).  I removed the sleeves off of one of the shirts then cut two pockets off of the other.  I sewed the pockets onto the first shirt and hemmed it.  The finished product is my version of a safari vest which Andrew wears in several of his adventures.  Andrew's best friend, a robot named THUDD, is always in one of the pockets so we made our own version of THUDD using a crayon box covered in foil, pipe cleaners for antennae and arms, and springs for legs.
'Safari vest' complete with THUDD the robot, and accessories!


Alexander was pleased with his costume but I forgot to get a photo of him wearing it.  Oops.

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