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Wednesday, December 29, 2010

More gifts

I think the gift that I was most excited to give was the one that I made for Charlotte.  I got the idea and tutorials from a great blog, Twelve Crafts till Christmas.  It's a baby doll play set with a bassinet and diaper bag filled with diapers, wipes, changing pad, and taggie blanket. Here are links to each of the tutorials: Bassinet Part 1 and Part 2, and diaper bag/accessories It's a hit with Charlotte!  My mother-in-law has stated that Charlotte's favorite part is taking the wipes out (every single one) and wiping her baby.  The directions are really very good and I didn't have any trouble following them.  I only cussed a little bit while putting the bassinet together as it's a little tricky to put the lining in.  Here are a few pictures of the finished products:
The outside of the bassinet.  I love the pom-poms!

Inside of the bassinet with a baby

Outside the diaper bag (ribbon strap because I was getting tired)
Inside the diaper bag

Accessories (diaper, wipes, and taggie)
Changing the stinky baby
All decked out in the owl dress made by Mommy, new puppy slippers, and her new bassinet and diaper bag.  She didn't have enough to carry so she took Lily's diaper bag too! Sorry that she's not smiling but she really is happy!

I also made a reversible dress for Lily using the Children's corner William and Winnie pattern.  My friend, Amanda, did the embroidery for me (thanks, Amanda!).  I had fun making this dress and it went together very easily.  I hope that Lily will enjoy wearing it this year!

I also put together a fun hooded towel for Lily and had hoped to add it as my first tutorial but I had to fudge the hood part to make it look right.  Hope to add pictures of that soon.  I forgot to take pictures so I'm waiting on a quick snap from Michelle.  The elephant turned out really well so I'd say it was a successful project but next time, I want a pattern!


Anonymous said...

Charlotte's gift is so cute! I'm very impressed!

Melissa said...

That comment was from me. For some reason it wouldn't let me say who it was. Oh well! Still impressed!