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Sunday, November 14, 2010

Home Sweet Home

After being away from home and Peter for nine days, I was ready to get home!  We had to take two flights to get from Miami to Nashville but it was, luckily, an uneventful trip.  The kids were tired but behaved well.  I was so glad that I made that quiet book for Charlotte!  She had so much fun, especially with the cupcake page!  And speaking of making things, I found a project that I might try for Christmas.  I have a lot of things on my list that I want to get done so we'll see if this actually gets made.  I don't usually share things that I want to make since my list is so long and you might get tired of looking at link after link of could-be projects.  However, this idea came from a Plow & Hearth catalog that the lady in the plane seat next to me shared with Charlotte and me.  What do you think?
Can I just tell you that I missed my sewing machine!  Is that strange?  I'm itching to work on a project so I think that I'll start on something new while Charlotte naps.  I did buy this great owl fabric right before we went out of town that will make a great jumper...Stay tuned!


Melissa said...

that is a really cute twist on an advent calendar! I'm sure you could whip it all up in one afternoon. :)

Sarah said...

Very cute! I have a similar project for my advent calendar. Hopefully, I will finish it soon so that I can post a picture. :)