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Thursday, August 26, 2010

Quiet Book Preview and Adios!

I've been working really hard on this quiet book thing and I think that Peter thinks I'm nuts.  I show him a page that I've completed and he sortof nods and says, "that's nice, honey."  I guess I need a little bit more encouragement than that so I'm giving you all a preview. You're so good at giving me positive feedback!  I suppose that I wouldn't mind negative feedback either.  I tried to get Peter to help me with girl on the braid the hair page because she looked a little crazy.  In the end, I gave her eyelids and lashes which helped a little.  She still looks like she's had her share of no-doze but sometimes that can't be helped.  I haven't sewn any of the pages together yet, just in case I need to tweak something.  Also, I keep finding new ideas.  I need to decide which ones I'm going to include and pare down my list.  I don't think Charlotte needs a 50 page quiet book! I'm not going to include all of the pages that I've completed yet.  There needs to be a little bit of excitement and anticipation for when I finally do finish this project.  I wish that I could be done with it now so I could take it on our flight on Saturday morning.  Wouldn't Charlotte be so pleased?  Oh well, we have another flight in November so she can enjoy it then.  

The receiver can be taken off the hook.   

Braid my hair
The apples are attached with snaps!

There's a notepad in the white pocket and I'll add crayons to the pink one.  You can actually stuff little letters in the 'mailbox'!

The oven door opens and eventually, there will be cupcakes (or maybe cookies) on a cookie sheet that can be put in the oven.  Yum!  For the record, Peter actually helped me with this page.  He drew the pattern because I just couldn't get it to look right.  He did a great job, don't you think?

And just so you don't think that I've been totally neglecting Charlotte's clothing needs, I made her a little dress this morning.  I was procrastinating doing things like cleaning out my car and packing our airplane bag.  I actually decided to make the dress when I found one of my t-shirts had yucky, yellowing armpits.  I'm grossed out and embarrassed that I'm even telling you about that.  But, how else would I let you in on the secret of where I got the fun, already worn in, soft knit fabric?  I just cut the pieces out, used the hem that was already in the shirt, and ta-da, it's a dress!  It only took me about 25 minutes to make and should be a pretty nice little play outfit for Charlotte.
I'm heading out of town tomorrow, driving to Cincinnati to fly out to Mexico on Saturday morning.  I'll miss my boys but I'm sure we'll have a great time.  Adios amigos! (Wish I knew more Spanish!) 


Anonymous said...

Anne, you are so amazingly talented!! I wish I could do things like that in my procrastination time!! (You need to call it your productive time instead!!).
I like your quiet book. Charlotte will have a great time with that. I have a soft book (one that I bought) that has putting shapes that are on ribbons into a pot. Another one has squares with shapes (again, on a ribbon) and you have to stack them (using velco).

Your quiet book reminded me of a dress up board that my Mom made me when I was little. It was made of felt and my Mom drew a picture of a little girl (who was suppose to be me) and then cute out felt outfits to lay over the girl. There was a pouch on the back of the felt board that held all the outfits. I remember taking that to church and playing with it. I still have it and let Madeleine play with it now and again.

Have a fab time in Mexico!!! Have a margarita for me!!!


Sarah said...

Love how this turned out! so cute!!