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Monday, August 16, 2010

Dishin' it up party!

I'm so excited about my girl's night in tonight! A couple friends are hosting a Dishin' it Up party which is basically a bunch of women getting together to eat and talk about gardening, canning, cooking, and more! Several of us are bringing food to share and I think a few people are bringing door prizes as well. I decided to bring food AND a door prize because, well, why not? It's so much fun to share!
I'm making this butternut squash recipe using farm fresh butternut squash, onions, and apples. The recipe calls for canned chicken broth but I used some that I made on my own. I hope it turns out tasting as good as it smells right now!
I also threw together a little gift bag to throw my door prize into using this tutorial (again). It went together much faster this time, probably only took an hour or so from cutting the pattern and fabric to putting on the button.
I'll let you know how the party goes and if I end up getting any good recipes.

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