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Monday, August 9, 2010

Mini-Vacation = Indiana

I'm sure that you've just been dying to know what's going on! I've been pretty good about keeping up with posting, or at least letting you know that we're still here. Well, we took a little vacation before Alexander started kindergarten so we disappeared for about 10 days! We decided to take a trip to Indiana, my home state. While that probably doesn't sound like much of a vacation for those of you who live there, at least it was time away from home and our normal routines! First, the kids and I went to Newburgh to hang with my Dad for a few days. I was able to catch up with a couple girl friends from high school, Michelle and Jenny. Jenny and I did some fabric shopping at the Village Mercantile in Boonville, where my mom used to shop (and she even worked there for a bit). We both did a little bit of damage and I hope that Jenny will let me know when she makes things with her purchases! I'll, of course, keep all of you updated on my sewing creations.
Our first outing while in Newburgh was to the Splash Park in Boonville. It was a very hot day and this was a perfect place to blow off some steam. Charlotte was unsure of the sprays of water at first but quickly warmed up/cooled off!

Alexander had been here before so wasn't at all nervous about jumping right in.
Next, we visited the Children's Museum of Evansville. Charlotte enjoyed the music room. *Note: I made the skirt that she's wearing. It's not a complete success, however. It needed to flare out a little bit more because she found it difficult to crawl and climb while wearing it. Not every project can be perfect, right? Alexander loved playing this 'harp'!

After two days of hanging with Dad, Peter drove up to Newburgh and we took Alexander to Holiday World (Thanks, Dad for watching Charlotte so we could enjoy our time in Santa Claus). Alexander had been hearing commercials for Holiday World and the "New" Wildebeest for months. We enjoyed our day, despite the heat (100!), saw the real Santa Claus, and even got to ride the Wildebeest, a water coaster that had an hour wait. No photos from that part of the trip because none of us wanted to lug the camera around on a hot day. This would be a good time to make a request for a small point and shoot waterproof camera, right???
The next day, we drove to Indianapolis to Caribbean Cove, an indoor waterpark attached to a Holiday Inn. We didn't take any pictures of the waterpark because we were too busy playing! And, we forgot the camera when we went to the Indianapolis Children's Museum. I was able to say hello to another friend from high school, Trish, who has worked at the museum for 11 years. How much fun would it be to work at a place like that? I think I'd love it! This museum is worth taking a trip to Indianapolis. I wish we had time to go for more than one day because it was huge and the kids had a great time!
We did finally take a few pictures at the Indianapolis Zoo! Peter even managed to get me in one of them!

As I was researching things to do in Indianapolis, I came across Traders Point Creamery. Since I've been on a kick of eating locally, this sounded like lots of fun, plus the tour of the farm was only $2 and that's a good price for running around and chasing chickens. We got some great pictures of the kids and ate some homemade ice cream that was so, so good!



This was a ladder to nowhere!
Sunflower garden at its finest!
He's happy because he just ate a lot of homemade caramel ice cream!

There was a clown convention at our hotel! How much fun to walk around and see these guys just hanging out!
No vacation in Southern Indiana would be complete without a stop at the Big Peach. It's a roadside market with fresh produce. We bought some peaches, plums, and popcorn. Couldn't resist a photo op with the peach. It's been there for ages!
We had a great trip but are glad to be back home!!

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