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Friday, July 30, 2010

Last Day of Preschool

Today was a bittersweet day for me. It was Alexander's last day of pre-kindergarten. He's so excited about starting kindergarten and I'm excited, too. I think. My little boy is growing up and kindergarten is suddenly a glaring reality that he's not a baby anymore.
The school that he'll be starting is a public school but you have to apply to get in through a lottery system. We're lucky to live in the preference zone so Alexander didn't have any trouble getting accepted. The school is special in that they have a Spanish immersion program. The kids will learn math and science (I think) in Spanish. I think it will be a great experience for both of our kids.
But back to his last day...we loved Alexander's teacher, Ms. Sharon! She is fun and great with the kids. Alexander told me he wished that she were going to teach his kindergarten class too! We decided to spoil Ms. Sharon with her favorite strawberry cake balls but I wanted to embellish them this time! I got my idea from Bakerella's blog, specifically, this Mother's Day post. Mine didn't turn out nearly as clean as hers but I was happy with them and I think that Ms. Sharon liked them too! I put them in a Ball jar wrapped with a little fabric from the skirt that I made for Charlotte tonight. Photos of that below!

Cake pops!!
I also wanted to do something to add to Ms. Sharon's classroom for next year and I found out that she was doing a rock-n-roll, guitar theme. How perfect that I happened to have a scrap of piano key fabric and one of Alexander's old t-shirts, both of which I made into pillows. I also made a table cloth and napkins to go on the table in the play kitchen area of the classroom. I totally forgot to take a picture of everything until we gave it to Ms. Sharon so I took a quick one in the classroom. Here's Charlotte modeling her new outfit. I finished it this evening so it'll be ready to wear, perhaps to church on Sunday!And, last but not least, I put together a little skirt for Charlotte tonight. I wanted something to go with a little t-shirt that I picked up on clearance at one of the little boutique shops in town, Snap Kids. I didn't use a pattern or tutorial this time, just sortof made it up as I went along. There are some great tutorials out there, just google "twirl skirt tutorial" and you'll get a whole list. If you've made a couple of things, I think that something like this is no big deal. Cute!
I couldn't resist sharing this one with you. Isn't she cute? (She had her mouth full but this cheeky look is a normal one for her!)

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