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Wednesday, July 14, 2010

More pickles!

I enjoyed making my last batch of pickles so much that I decided to do it again but I wanted to try a bread and butter recipe this time (Thanks Angela for your grandmother's recipe!). Also, my cucumber vines are multiplying like rabbits so I had to do something with the over abundance! I've been giving them away as quickly as I can but I still had 4 quarts to work with tonight. It's always more fun to learn new skills with a friend so I invited my friend, Tiffany, over to chat and can. The whole process went a lot faster with help and I enjoyed having someone to talk with as we worked. We won't know for 24 hours or so if they actually turned out but we're hopeful (and we had fun)!

I had a great visit with my friends, Becky and Laura, and their sons, Jet and Austin. We had lunch at one of my favorite places in Nashville, Baja Burrito, and then headed over to Children's Corner so they could check out the sale merchandise. Who can pass up a sale on fabric? I promised a picture of the dress that I finished for Charlotte last week. My model was feeling particularly agreeable today. I told her that I needed to take a picture of her dress and she ran over, stood in this pose and smiled, waiting patiently for me to do my business. She's such a sweet kid!
Alexander is quite the camera ham as well. He was building with his Wedgits and asked me take a pictures of the completed structure. I got the camera out and then he asked if he could be in the photo. I said yes and proceeded to take a few shots. He took a look at them and said, "Those are good but could you do a close-up?" Below is the photo that he approved by my little ham.
I've already started working on Christmas presents. I obviously can't post about those right now since I'd love for them to be surprises...but I wanted to remind you that there are only 164 more days until the man in red arrives! Alexander is already making his list so please let me know if there's anything (homemade) that you want in your stocking. I'll see what I can do to accommodate!

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Angela said...

They look great Anne, I am sure they will taste as good as they look. Charlotte looks so grown-up ! What a cutie pie, love the dress ! I just finished up making blackberry jelly, 14 pints. Pickles are next, do you have a good salsa recipe ? Love the blog by the way, fun, fun ! You are a gifted writer Anne, I look forward to your next posting, "adventure"!