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Saturday, July 3, 2010

Happy 4th of July!

Last night, Lipscomb, the university that is down the street from us, put on a fireworks display in honor of both the summer worship series and Independence Day. We decided that Alexander was finally old enough to stay up late and enjoy the show. The anticipation nearly drove him bonkers. By the time we arrived for the show, which was slated to begin at 9pm, he was a little bit loopy. Thanks so much to Emily Butler for staying home with Charlotte, who went to bed at 6:45, so that I could see the look on Alexander's face the first time he saw the lights and heard the sounds. It was a joy for me to see! When the show began, Alexander became very still and gazed up into the air. Then, he giggled, clapped his hands, and wiggled with glee. He LOVED every moment of it, even when he had to cover his ears because it was so loud. He hasn't stopped talking about it and wonders when we'll get to see them again!

Here he is, in awe!!I find it hard to document just how cool fireworks are but I got a few good shots and thought I'd share!
We went over to Lipscomb with Alexander's buddies, Sam and Henry. Henry was not too pleased that I was snapping pictures (he's on the left) but I managed to get this one where he didn't have time to stick his bottom lip out. The boys had a good time running around and acting crazy before the show began. The weather was perfect! Poor Henry fell or got pushed (you never know with boys), and bit his cheek. Ouch!! He didn't enjoy the first half of the show because he was hurting and, of course, none of us had brought water or anything. I felt bad for him that he didn't get to enjoy all of the show.
I might have to learn more about taking night pictures because I would love to get some even better ones next year!
Speaking of independence, our baby girl has grown up on us! She no longer wants to sit in a high chair, preferring to sit on her knees in a big-girl seat. She took her first shower this morning and
threw a fit when it was time to get out. I can understand that feeling as I never get a long enough shower with two little monkeys fighting over everything as I try to rush as fast as I can, sometimes forgetting to wash my feet!
I found a great idea for a festive 4th shirt for Charlotte here. I was able to finish it yesterday afternoon and thought it would be so fun to have a little twirl skirt to match. Using some of the skills that I've acquired through the Children's Corner (who have quite a few fabrics 50% off right now) and from the pj pants that I made, I put together a little skirt as well. Charlotte is not easy to photograph right now but I've done the best that I can to document! She wore this tonight to Peter's Vanderbilt MBA family BBQ and now I have to wash it so that she can wear it again tomorrow! Better get to it!This was my 5th attempt at trying to get a picture of the kids with Peter. Getting everyone to look at the camera without Alexander making a crazy face or Charlotte looking backwards is like herding cats! Thus, this result!

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