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Monday, July 19, 2010


Well, I didn't sew all weekend. I missed it! So, I spent all of Charlotte's nap time working on a new project. No photos yet since I'm nowhere near complete but I thought I'd let y'all know about this fun idea. I'm making a dress for Charlotte using one of Peter's old button down work shirts. Don't worry, I didn't find this idea and then go shopping in the closet. Peter offered me a couple of his shirts because he's retiring them from his daily use. So, then, I set out to find something to do with them. I decided upon this dress for the first shirt. It's going ok so far but I've just hit the step where the experienced blogger states, "This is not the easiest step..." I've decided to pick up there tomorrow when I'm fresh and well rested.

For those that wonder what the kids do while I cook...

Maybe you can't tell but they've gotten every metal pan and miscellaneous other things out of the cabinets and are banging on them with wooden spoons.
With all that noise, it's a wonder that our dinner still turned out looking like this:

Thanks to Melissa D. for her input on making salsa, I made some yummy salsa last night with our CSA tomatoes. Since we had salsa leftover, I thought that it would be a great night for Mexican. I threw some frozen chicken breasts in the oven with a (freshly canned) jar of tomatoes and their juice and let them bake on 300 for several hours. I also added a little olive oil and some Mexican-type spices. Cumin is probably my favorite spice. Can't get enough of that one. Having all the juice from the tomatoes in the pan made the chicken really juicy and flavorful (thanks to Melissa, again, for giving me the tomato and chicken idea; she told me that she mixes the juice from the tomatoes and spices with pulled rotisserie chicken, a great idea if you want some good flavor quickly).

And now starring, Alexander.
Yes, that's him. With short hair. Spiked in the middle. It's called a faux-hawk! When his hair started curling up in the back, we decided that it was time for a trim. However, he had it in his head (or maybe just in his hair) that he wanted to get a faux-hawk like some of the adults that we know. I told him that it would be fine and we went to Head's Up to get it cut. When the stylist asked me what I wanted, Alexander turned to her and said, "I'd like a faux-hawk, please." She looked at me, surprised, and asked if it was ok to cut "all this hair off"?!! It's just hair and it'll grow back. He looks pretty cute, although I've had a hard time catching him while it is styled. I'm sure you'll have to endure plenty more photos of him in the days and weeks to come.

My tutu model finally tried this on while I was at home. She tried it yesterday but I wasn't home and Peter didn't take any photos. Charlotte spun around and seems to enjoy the "pretty" frills but is still getting used to it. Of course, I did have to choose a day when her dress doesn't match, her hair is crazy, and half her lunch is on her face. This is our reality! I had a few lengths of the tulle left so Charlotte and I put together a tutu for her baby doll today. After it was finished and on the baby, Charlotte ran around shouting/singing (she's not a quiet girl, guess she gets that from her Daddy! ha.), "Baby, pretty!! Baby, pretty!! La, la, la." She loves to sing and her favorite book is still, "The Wheels on the Bus."

I just looked at the calendar and realized that Alexander has less than a month before he starts kindergarten. Sad. Summer is disappearing and my little boy is growing up.


Sarah said...

I LOVE the faux-hawk. And the Tutu. And the idea for Dad's shirt-dress. I'll have to steal some of your awesome ideas when we have kids!

Laura Jenkins said...

Great job on the baby gift. I love the tutu:) I also want a serger! Maybe from Santa;)