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Tuesday, July 27, 2010


A little bit of monkey business!

It totally cracks me up that British English says "Zed" when referring to the letter "Z." I don't know why it makes me chuckle, it's just one of those things that gets me giggling and I can't stop (one of the toys that we purchased in England sings the Alphabet song and this is what has me giggling about Zed). So today, we went to the Zed-O-O. That's ZOO for all my American friends and family. We went with my friend, Angie, whom I've been acquainted with since before either of us were married or had children. Now she has three kids and we're reconnecting because our kids seem to get along and we do as well. I hate that she lives all the way in Spring Hill (about 35-40 minutes from here) but love that we get to get glimpses of each other at church and can arrange to meet up around town.We had a great time running around the zoo; we even got to pet an albino wallaby (I was just as excited as the kids, hence this very bad photo of them trying to pet the little guy. He was very friendly.We also got to hear a little talk about the fish tanks and see the piranhas being fed. I actually didn't get to see them being fed because there were a ton of kids crowded around the area and I thought it might be rude to push them out of the way. Can I help it if I'm interested too? Alexander had a great view and said it was really cool. He chose this photo for me to post because there is a large turtle just above his head. Never mind that he's no where near looking at the camera.
Tonight, after the kids were in bed, I finished this little outfit for Charlotte. I still have to do a few finishing touches but have to wait until my model tries it on to ensure that it fits correctly. I can't wait to get it on her! The top is made from the same pattern as this pink dress and the capri pants are from the Portabellopixie ruffle pants pattern. I bought my pattern at Children's Corner because it's a local business (and because it's really convenient to my house). It was my first time trying the portabellopixie pattern and I think it went pretty well. There are things that I will do differently next time but I'm happy with this result, especially since the two fabrics were purchased in the remnant room at Textile fabric. I just got lucky that they were both there on the same day. The fabrics have two different designers but seem to go together perfectly. One thing that I'd like to mention...I'm beginning to think that having a serger might be really cool. Do you have one and if yes, do you use it? What brand do you have? What sort of projects do you use it for (yikes, ending this sentence with a preposition...Sorry, Mr. Bracher). Several of my latest projects have mentioned that they're much easier to do when you have a serger. Hmmm...
My birthday (September, start saving now!) and Christmas are coming up...
And one more thing. I'm feeling better. Peter still had to take Nyquil tonight so I guess he's still under the weather. Alexander is feeling better but still has a cough. Oh, and he dropped the stepstool on his toe tonight. OUCH!! I think the Scooby Doo bandaid helped.


Laura Jenkins said...

It turned out SO CUTE!!

Katie said...

You are a sewing machine! (no pun intended I promise). Very cute!

I think I could maybe sew on a button if I had to, but that's about it.

LilStarOfTexas said...

Yes, yes, yes, get a serger!!! I've had mine for over 10 years and could not sew without it. I have a Kenmore (Sears brand). It's nothing super-fancy, but it's a good solid workhorse, which is what I need. You will feel like your garments and other projects are so much more finished and sturdy when the raw edges are serged.
~Evelyn :)