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Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Oops, it's been a week!

I've taken a little break from sewing and cooking (and blogging) to paint the bathroom. I wish that the reason to paint it was because I became inspired. However, the real reason is twofold. One, Alexander 'accidentally' pulled the toilet paper holder off of the wall, leaving a huge hole that Peter filled one day last week. So, there was a huge white spot that needed to be covered, either in the current paint or a new one. And reason number two. It's not for the weak stomached people so please, stop reading if you can't handle it. As I seated myself on the thinking spot the other day, I noticed that something was smeared all over the wall next to me. Upon further inspection, I realized that it was boogers. I shudder thinking about it. My first reaction was to wipe down the wall with a paper towel. Alas, the builder used flat paint all over the house so the new addition was just smeared all over the wall. Thus, the need to paint became an urgent matter. (Thank you so much to Alexander for the added decor that resulted in my painting efforts). After Peter realized the severity of the situation, he sent me to Home Depot where I gathered hundreds of little papers the size of gum wrappers so we could decide on a color. I had a silver/gray in mind and Peter wanted brown. Below you'll notice who won that debate.

Have you ever tried to take a picture of a half bathroom? It's not easy! This is about as good as it gets. You can see the new mirror that Peter installed and the accessories that I chose to compliment the new room. I'm a fan of the blue/brown color combination and Peter has accused me of trying to incorporate those colors all over the house. Is it my fault that TJ Maxx has all sorts of things that call my name when I walk in the store, each one sporting my (current) favorite color combo? I didn't think so. It's destiny, I think!

[A side note because I know that companies check out blogs on a regular basis...Hey, Drees, I'm not sure if you're still painting entire houses with flat paint. If you are, STOP! Seriously, who paints bathrooms and kitchens with flat paint? I don't think I need to go on and on, just needed to get it out there.]

And, because I didn't think that some of you could go a week without seeing a photo of the kids, I've added the one below. It's not a great shot of either one of them but the story behind it is quite sweet. Charlotte has fallen in love with books. The one that Alexander is reading is her favorite. It's a copy of The Wheels on the Bus sent to us by Great Aunt Linda, Great Linda according to Alexander, for Christmas this past year. Until the last few weeks, Charlotte's idea of reading was chewing on books or possibly ripping out a few pages here and there. Well, now, she can't get enough. In fact, she'll listen to just about anyone read to her. I found the kids sitting in the 'story chair' and Alexander was singing the book to Charlotte. If that doesn't pull at your heartstrings, I don't know what will. It really was the sweetest moment for me! So, I know neither one is smiling or looking at the camera, but it's a moment that I want remember forever!

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1 comment:

Kara Graves said...

no kidding on your note to Drees. That is my biggest headache here in my house, and not only is my whole house done in flat paint, it is done in watered down flat paint. Now if you patch with the leftover paint they left, it doesn't match because you have no idea how much water they added!