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Saturday, June 19, 2010

Happy Father's Day!

Yes, I know that Father's Day isn't officially until tomorrow but we had to do our decorating this afternoon. Peter had school from 12-3 today so it was the ideal time to hang our homemade decorations. Peter was so surprised with all that we had done! He loves his handmade bookmarks and the photo coasters that he can take to work.

Alexander made a Happy Father's Day sign for the front door and was there to greet Peter when he arrived home from school.

Seersucker napkins and coasters made by Mommy and "P" mug centerpiece with Alexander-made pinwheels. The napkin rings are shirt cuffs with button cufflinks.
Grosgrain Ribbon bookmarks to help Peter mark his place in his schoolbooks

The table was set, with care, by Alexander who also made the placemats!

Origami Shirts and ties hung on a 'clothesline'

Our goal was to make dinner for Peter and serve it at the set table but he decided that he wanted to go to Baja Burrito instead. This mommy didn't complain! Hope you all have a fun and fabulous Father's Day!