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Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Go England and more

I've been given quite a hard time the last few days because we rooted for England in the England/USA World Cup game. All I can say is exactly what I told one of my facebook friends. I was never interested in soccer (that's football in proper English) until I lived in England. The excitement and passion that the fans have for the England teams and the local teams parallels that of die hard Tennessee (American) football fans. For those here in town, you totally get where I'm coming from. These fans paint their faces, sometimes their whole bodies, dress up like lions, sing crazy songs and really get into the games. While you'll never see me with the Cross of St. George painted boldly across my face, I will raise my kiddos to like and respect this game that puts me on the edge of my seat! We support England!
I'm sorry if you've logged on and been disappointed with me for not posting for a few days! We went to Indiana to visit my Dad this weekend and I didn't take the time to post. We had a really good time; we ate at Turoni's, visited Mesker Park Zoo, and swam in a neighbor's pool. We even took a trip to Gattitown which is a little bit like Chuck E Cheese but with a big, fairly priced buffet and more grown up games. I loved watching the boys do the mini bowling with the pins that are on strings. When they knocked them down, the machine just picked the pins back up again as if each one was a yo-yo.
In addition to visiting Dad, sewing and crafting have taken up some of my free time. I finished this dress for Charlotte this evening. I had intended to finish it around Valentine's Day but had a few obstacles between then and now. Since Charlotte has taken a few good naps this week, I was able to work on this and another (secret) project. I can tell you more about that project after this weekend!

I also finished a pair of pajama pants for Charlotte. They match Alexander's and he thinks that is so cool. I'm glad he thinks it's cool since I probably can't get away with matching them for much longer. I dread the day that he comes home and tells me that he doesn't think that what I choose is cool anymore! I certainly know where I fall in the 'cool scale' but it's been fun being at the top in the eyes of my kids!
And, just in case you didn't get enough daylilys in my last post, here's one of my favorites that's blooming right now. It's called Baby Blue Eyes!

I hope you're having a great week! Don't forget that it's nearly Father's Day! I hope you have your ideas ready and your gifts purchased!

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