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Friday, November 12, 2010

St. Kitts and fun on the ship

This view reminds me of the green hills of England!

I'm not all that pleased with this photo of me but it is a recent picture of Matt and me and I was just thinking that I don't have that many pictures of myself and my baby brother so here's one for ya!

In the square near our pier.
We didn't venture very far in St. Kitts.  Dad had both babies so we didn't want to leave him for hours on end.  There is plenty of shopping (mostly junky tourist stuff or fancy jewelry) right outside the ship so we picked around in the shops.  Michelle and I got matching dresses for the girls to wear next summer.  I can't wait for them to run around together with these cute green and white dresses on!

 When I asked Alexander what his favorite part of the cruise was so far, he said that it was the magic show.  I took him to the show, even though it was right at his bedtime because I knew he would get a kick out of it.  He loved all of the illusions and even purchased one of his own at the end of the show (it's one of those 'magic' worms that crawls all over your hands).  Here's a picture of Alexander and the magician (the guy was pretty good but seemed very arrogant).

 And, at this point, Alexander's second favorite thing of the trip was the green monkey tour and then the T-Rex Kid's pools on the ship.  They have 3 waterslides, a small pool with water cannons, and a hot tub plus lots of kid-sized lounge chairs.  The pool was hardly ever busy (but probably would be if you went during a high season); there were only 64 kids on the whole ship!

 Even Charlotte loved the waterslides!  I went with her the first two times but after that, she climbed up and slid down all on her own!  She even made friends with a little girl named Ainsley.  They swam together, see-sawed together, and rested on the lounge chairs together!  It was cute to see Charlotte enjoy another little girl's company!

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