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Saturday, November 6, 2010

Charlotte's Birthday (Neverending story)

Charlotte probably thinks that every time the UPS truck passes our house, that it's going to stop to drop off a package for her!  I'm so glad that I could capture this look on her face.  Each time she opened a new gift, no matter who it it was from or what it was, she was thrilled to have something new and different to play with!
 Nana and Dad-Dad, Peter's parents, got Charlotte this great bouncy toy called Rody.  Charlotte wanted to take him to bed last night.  And tonight.  I didn't let her.  Does that make me a mean mommy?
 Thanks to Uncle Robert and Aunty Irene for this cute bunny with a tutu on!  Charlotte has insisted on taking her to bed as well as the Hello Kitty that Uncle David sent (no photos of that one yet but she screamed, "Bunny and kitty, bed!" last night until I took them up to her.  Spoiled rotten already.
 Alexander mentioned that I was taking a lot of pictures of Charlotte and asked if I could snap a few of him.  He didn't even mind that Rody is pink because it's so much fun to bounce around the house on him!
I'm still trying to stick to my goal of posting daily during November but the kids and I are getting ready to go on a cruise with my Dad so I may have to post some of my posts when I return.  There were only so many that I could type ahead of time!

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