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Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Charlotte's Birthday Party, Part 1

There's always lots of prep that goes into a home birthday party.  This year, I decided on an ice cream theme for Charlotte's 2nd birthday.  I was so excited to make the invitations.  I decided to sew a felt ice cream cone onto card stock to be the front of the card.  To sew onto card, I just lengthened my stitch length and since I was using felt, I was able to straight stitch around the edges of the ice cream. To make the cone look a little more authentic, I got out my dark brown fabric marker and free-handed a few lines. Check it out!

Here's the cake and cupcakes in cones!  I poured the batter right in the cones and baked on 350 until they were all done.  They turned out really well!  To make the icing on the cake brown (I didn't think ahead to buy brown frosting), I added chocolate to the white buttercream frosting and ended up with this perfect shade of brown.  It worked out well since that half of the cake was chocolate!
 We sent these cups home with the kids.  I used a Sharpie Paint Markers to put the kids' names on the cups. They loved them!
 Alexander helped with the decorations.  He made the banner that we hung on the front door and all of the labels for the ice cream.  Each time I wanted to work on getting ready during Charlotte's nap, Alexander was right there with me, working on his projects.  It was fun to work together on this and it taught me to relax and allow him to do it his way.  Everything turned out so well, I think I'll employ his help again!
More later with pictures of Charlotte wearing her birthday outfit and opening presents.

1 comment:

Sarah said...

Love the ice cream theme and the cake in the cones! Super-cute idea!!