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Sunday, November 7, 2010


I probably have the best Dad in the whole world!  I'm not just saying that because he's taking us on a 9 day Caribbean cruise, really I'm not!  We've shipped out and are on our way!  Our first stop was Samana, Dominican Republic.  There's not a lot at the pier at this stop so if you're going to go here, I'd recommend either taking the ship's excursions or researching a tour company and booking something before you arrive.  There are plenty of cabbies standing around who want to take you on tours of the city and some of them even speak pretty good English.  The little rickshaw guy who gave the kids and me a ride spoke zero English and it made me wish Alexander was a little further along in his Spanish studies so he could ask the guy if he had change for a $10 bill! Here is a picture of Alexander waiting for our ride!
I am still determined to make sure that there is a post each day of November.  Wondering if my other blog friends are doing that as well!  Keep your fingers crossed that I can keep the momentum going!

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