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Thursday, July 19, 2007

News from Baptist.

Despite what everyone might tell you, you should always second guess them...well, at least when it comes to wifi access at Baptist Hospital. Even the nurses don't know about it! My nurse and I were discussing the archaic technologies that the hospital provides and she mentioned that she couldn't believe they didn't have wifi. Well, surprise! I turned on the computer to watch a movie and found that there is a network here, available at no cost. I've logged in and seem to be up and running! Rest assured though, at least they have all the big network television channels. I can watch all of the reruns just fine. Peter brought my computer last night so I've even been able to watch a movie. (No DVD player provided)

There isn't a lot for me to report since I've been stuck in the same room for over 24 hours. It hasn't been too difficult for me though. I slept almost the whole day today! I felt a bit nauseated this morning so they gave me a dose of phenergan in my IV. Because I am so hypothyroid, the dose affected me much more than it would a normal person. I slept from 5 in the morning until noon when Judy brought me lunch. She stayed her allotted 30 minutes and then I slept. I was awakened at 2:30 when my doctor came in. She chatted with me for about 3 minutes and then I was out again. I finally got myself out of bed around 3:30. No more of that phenergan for me. I can't believe how long I slept! The good news is that I haven't had a chance to be bored.

Also, I'll be released from the hospital sometime tomorrow. My radiation level has steadily been going down. The magic number is 7. I began at 35 and went down to 20 by yesterday evening and then 9.5 this afternoon. I should be down to 7 tomorrow morning. They'll do a whole body scan (a bit like a CAT scan, I think) to see if my cancer has spread. Then, Peter is free to pick me up! At least I'll be able to convalesce in my own bed. Or at least my own house. Peter and I haven't discussed which one of us will sleep upstairs while we're supposed to be avoiding each other. I have a feeling that I'll lose that battle but I will let you know!

Brian and Ed came to visit tonight and didn't seem too scared about the radiation. Brian even ventured near enough to open my curtains for me. It was nice to see some friendly faces who weren't bringing in syringes or stethoscopes! I think they just came to find out if I really was glowing in the dark. Sorry to disappoint!

I'm looking forward to going home tomorrow and will update you when I am settled!


Ed said...

Yes, Anne was glowing. Not sure what she's thinking, ask Brian. We turned off the lights and she lit up like a firefly!

futroska said...

How are you doing? I keep checking your blog for an update, but havent seen one in a while. Is everything ok? I have sent you a few text messages and havent heard anything. I hope everything is going ok and that you are just resting.