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Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Glowing in the dark

Hello readers, this is Peter with an update on behalf of the quarantined patient. I will try and keep it brief as I've just spent about an hour creating a blog only to have it inadvertently deleted. Never mind.

This morning I accompanied Anne to Baptist hospital and after some waiting we got her checked into her room. I left before they brought in the radiation pill, but Anne reported that it was not hard to swallow. She is in good spirits and the only complaints are some slight nausea this afternoon and the fact that she had to wait hours for lunch to arrive, after being forbidden from eating all morning. I suspect "room service" was scared off by the large yellow and black radiation sticker on the door.

If anyone would like to visit Anne she is in room 6614 at Baptist Hospital. I know she would appreciate seeing her friends. There are a few visitor rules for everyone's safety:
No children or pregnant women, I'm afraid.
Visitors must remain about ten feet from the patient at all times.
Visitors to limit exposure to 30 minutes per day.
I can report that Anne is not yet glowing in the dark, but I intend to further test this by turning off the light tomorrow and seeing if she shows up.

Thank you to Judy Rash for visiting today and bringing candy to the patient.
A big thank you also to Gary, Lyra, Ollie, and Megan Heard who sent a lovely vase of flowers which arrived yesterday, along with love and well wishes from Ashford, England.

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