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Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Guilt, Golf, and Blind spots

Peter's just guilted me into writing. He says that my loyal readers have logged in, expecting profound statements about my life, and have felt cheated the last few days. So here I am, trying to keep you from becoming a disgruntled blog-reader! (Plus, I don't want to lose my following. If all four of you stop reading, then why am I keeping up with this?) Maybe Peter ought to add his two cents since he's so concerned. I can't guarantee, though, that he would be as entertaining as I. ha. Also, if Peter began taking over my blog, you might find out that I'm taking out all of my frustrations on him. Nah, I better stick to the writing!

Oh wait! Now, the truth comes out. Peter just asked if he could change the channel to the Golf channel since I'm doing my blog. He's not concerned about you, the reader, he's worried about guys in chartreuse golf shirts discussing the upcoming tournament.

Since I'm logged in, I suppose I should update you. Alexander is back in Indiana this week. After a long weekend with Mimi, Papa, and Alexander here at our place, I was beat. Sending Alexander back was extremely difficult for me and I broke down in tears just after they drove away. In my defense, I hear that mood swings are part of hypothyroidism. I do plan to blame each and every personality quirk on hypothyroidism for at least another six months. Or maybe six years. Anyway...Alexander...I know he's in great hands but it was very distressing to admit that I couldn't handle taking care of my own child. The good news is that I've been able to rest the past two days and Alexander is having a ball with Mimi and Papa. He wasn't even interested in talking to me on the phone today, I think mostly because Elmo's World was on TV when my dad was trying to get him to come to the phone. I know that I made the right decision. Why is it that the right decision is always so difficult?

On Friday, I will begin my low iodine diet. I'm going to do my best to take the few hours a day that I feel half-way decent to cook for the next two weeks. The diet is quite strict and excludes all restaurant food, most store-purchased breads, and all dairy products. There are a lot of other no-nos on the list but those listed are the ones that I think will affect me the most. I've read through the cookbook which I had Peter print out. Most of the recipes sound good to me but do include quite a bit of cooking. Because I have been warned that I will continue feeling worse and worse, I want to try to get a jump start on freezing the meals. Almost all fresh fruit and vegetables are okay to eat so Peter will be spending his evenings chopping fruit for me (instead of watching the golf channel).

I do want to send out another thank you to those of you who have chauffeured me around the last couple of weeks. It has been frustrating for me to be cooped up in our house for such a long time so that trip to a new restaurant, the post office, and Target have done wonders for my mood! Oh, and I can't forget about my full tummy - we've been so blessed with food! Thank you to all of you! We haven't had a bad meal yet!!

Just quickly, my pain has really diminished and for that I am glad! I'd describe my discomfort as tightness, I think. I'm a bit nervous about turning my head quickly and am still unable to look completely over my shoulders (to check my blind spots). That's what's keeping me from driving. My next hurdle is to be able to drive so that I can get around before my iodine therapy. Trust me, you don't really want me driving right now! I'd be that person who pulled out in front of you on the interstate. So, to save you from getting your mouths washed out with soap, I promise not to drive until I can check if you're behind me!

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