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Wednesday, July 4, 2007

New red shirt

This photo brightened my day! In my opinion, it should brighten your day too but I'm probably a little prejudiced!

Hope you had a great fourth of July! Peter and I watched the Nashville fireworks on TV. We had a great seat and parking wasn't too much of a problem.


Debbie Rudge said...

Hey Anne

so pleased to hear the Ops went well and the pain is subsiding. Diet sounds interesting...put Peter to work!

Hope your feeling Ok Alexander will be back before you know it to brighten your day (photo is so cute by the way) and im another reader of your blog so dont stop otherwise ill have to start sending you pestering emails!!

thinking about you all

deb & neil

Aunt Linda said...

So glad that Peter convinced you to create an update on your blog...thanks Peter!

To all of the other readers, not to brag too much, but the handsome young man in the new red shirt is my most favorite Great Nephew.

Keep on resting, reading, healing and blogging Anne...