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Tuesday, June 26, 2007

"That's LARGE!"

I think you'll all be glad to know that my pain is much better today. I'm still sore but it's nothing like last week! I still can't yawn without wincing in pain but if I continue to improve as I have been, I'll be yawning like a cat in no time. I spoke with my endocrinologist, Dr. Pandula, yesterday. She let me know that the tumor that was on my thyroid was around two and a half centimeters in diameter. In her words, "that's large." So because the tumor was large and because the cancer spread to my lymph nodes, my radioactive iodine dose will be adjusted (this is not new knowledge). What I did learn was that after I'm in the hospital (for 3 days), I am not to be around Alexander for 10 days after I return. I was shocked and fairly upset as I've nearly gone crazy this week, missing him. Of course I don't want any of my superhero powers to rub off on Alexander, they won't affect him in a good way. But my selfish nature just wants my baby back! But, in the words of my surgeon, Dr. Williams, "it's better to give up that...than die of cancer." I know. She doesn't mince words, does she? Everything that I've learned about surgeons is that the better they are at their jobs, the worse their bedside manner. My surgeon was less than encouraging about things that she considered minor in my life but she was quite confident in her abilities, something that I'm glad about as I stand and examine my scar in the mirror. It's still a bit swollen and red but once that goes down, it's going to be much less noticeable than my c-section or appendectomy scars (although I don't plan on sharing either of those scars with anyone besides Peter)!

On to other news, I'm still being spoiled with meals, entertainment options (books, magazines, etc), and visitors. When my treatment is over, Peter may move out to live with Sherri Ingman who brought us fancy (and tasty) meals two nights in a row. Thank you, Sherri, and everyone else who has stopped by with something to make my jail time a little bit easier.

And one more thing before I find myself some nourishment (is Oreo ice cream a good breakfast food?)...Alexander talked to me on the phone today. At the end of our conversation he said, "See you later, alligator!" Before I had the opportunity to add the crocodile part, he said, "After a while, crocodile!" He cracked up over the phone and it was like music to my ears. Have I mentioned that I miss that kid?

1 comment:

futroska said...

Glad you are feeling better this week. So are you up for visitors whenever? I didn't want to stop by if you werent in the mood for company. So let me know, bc I would like to stop by and visit for a bit!