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Friday, June 22, 2007

Oh what a beautiful morning!

I really can't complain much today. I looked outside and it is a beautiful day. Plus, the UPS man (or the Cooper S man, as Alexander calls him) pulled up this morning and left a box on our doorstep. Peter brought it in and I tore right into it. Turns out that my brother, Matt, and sister-in-law, Michelle, have been thinking of me. They sent me a bonsai tree!! I've seen them advertised online but hadn't actually seen one in person. Looks like I'll have to keep it alive for a while so that it can grow into a mature tree. My new bonsai tree gives me a reason to keep living!! Ok, totally if I wasn't going to keep on living. But I do want it to turn into one of those really cool plants like on Karate Kid. I'll be catching flies with my chopsticks in no time! I'll have to take a photo of it in a few minutes but first I need to find some breakfast!

Thanks so much to my visitors yesterday! You are keeping me from going nuts!!

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Michelle Tassart said...

Hello Anne!! I miss seeing/talking to you weekly! I'm sorry I haven't made it over yet...we were going to stop by the day that Peter said you were kind of tingly and I wasn't sure if that was code for not up for visitors yet. Silly how I all of the sudden think you might not tell us exactly what you think - you never speak in code!!! I am praying for you and Peter and Alexander and think of you often. I'll try to get you some of my chick books I have at home, Leah was great at finding those and I've borrowed several. Is it still borrowing if you still have em 5 years later? Oh well. Hope to see you soon (even though Ed stole my chance to see you at lunch...jeesh..)
Love to all, Michelle