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Saturday, June 23, 2007

Sticky Situation

Today is day 5 and listed on my post-operative instructions was the most painful of the instructions to date: tape removal from my incision. The tape covered the incision from end to end and seemed to be quite happy being stuck there. I have been fairly good about following directions, I take my calcium pills, I practice voice rest (soft talking at home), no talking on the phone (I did break this rule once or twice as I NEEDED to talk to Alexander and his caregivers, my parents), rest, rest, and more rest. So, I got into the shower and let the ends of the tape get damp. I decided not to go with the quick rip that many like to do with a bandaid. I did find that it was easier to take it off when I wasn't watching myself in the mirror. The tape peeled off without too much resistance and I stumbled out of the shower. Yes, I admit it, I got a bit woozy. Peter sat me down on the bed and made sure that I wasn't going to pass out.

I'm happy to say that I didn't hit the floor and I made it through the most dreaded part of today! I'm allergic to the adhesive in tape and bandaids so I'm red all around the incision. But overall, it's not too gross looking and I'm hoping to get out of the house today. Peter says he's taking me to lunch - he's suggested Cracker Barrel but that just doesn't strike me as the first place that I want to go after being stuck in the house for almost a week.

I wonder if people will stare at me and wonder what happened. I do like getting attention but that sort of attention is not the type that I'm after. It will probably be a good learning experience for me and will probably make me appreciate being healthy even more than I already do. Actually, most people probably will avert their eyes and I'll be the one feeling self conscious. I shall let you know how my first outing goes.

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