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Thursday, June 21, 2007

I quit.

I'm not good at depending on other people. I prefer to be the person that other people depend on. Therefore, I quit. I'm going to click my heels together three times and say, "There's no place like home." And then I'm sure I'll wake up from this nightmare which seems to be my life.


I woke up and it seems that I'm still sore and my calcium levels are dropping (my face, fingers and toes are all tingly as if I sat on them for a long time). I guess this Kansas is my reality. It must be the lack of ruby slippers. Anyone have any ruby slippers that I can borrow?

Until those arrive, I suppose I have to pretend like I'm happy to be cooped up in my bedroom with bad movies and no telephone...the plus side of my recooperation is that the doorbell continues to ring. I've just received another beautiful vase of flowers! Thanks, Scott!! I do have the best realtor in Nashville, I'm sure of it. If you need to sell a house or buy a house, drop Scott a line - here's his website: He's young, personable, and is almost famous (he was on one of those HGTV Househunters shows)! Aren't I lucky to live so close to the stars?

Anyway, I've discovered that I can't quit. Maybe I'll just nap instead.


Jennifer W said...

You are in my thoughts each and every hang in there Dorothy!!!!!!

irene said...

'I heard you’re feeling rough today
And wanted you to know
Friends are all around you
Till the dark skies are to go
When you're down and want to smile
But haven’t found the strength
Just open up your 'blog' account
And feel the love we’ve sent!'