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Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Good morning!

I figured that I better get blogging since some of you England folks are looking for an update. My first night at home went pretty well - I only really woke up once and that might have been because Peter got up. He thought that he heard someone (or something) knocking on the window. He was up in his dressing gown (robe) turning on all the lights in the house. The knocking must have been VERY loud to have woken him up as he's a heavy sleeper. After scaring away whatever the sound was, we settled back into bed. I was afraid that I wouldn't be able to fall asleep because it's very hard to get comfortable. I guess I didn't lie there long before I drifted off though. The next thing I remember is Peter getting up again and saying that he was supposed to be on a conference call right now.

Peter's working from home the rest of the week. Since I'm not really supposed to have marathon conversations, I think it will work out well. I'll save my voice for my visitors (yes, that means you)! And, Peter won't get too behind in his work. He's been a trooper so far - he's really been helping me a lot. I haven't had to lift a finger, aside from typing, of course.

The one thing that I miss about the hospital is the the adjustable bed. It's hard for me to go from a lying position to a sitting position. I really had no idea how much I used my neck muscles until now. I'm still really in shock that my surgeon didn't give me any good pain meds to bring home. As Judy said, "one would think that after having an organ removed, at least a week's worth of meds would be prescribed!" I like the way that Judy thinks!! I'm totally missing out on the prescription pain drugs!

I've read an entire book already, thanks Holly! Chick lit is a perfect way to pass the time. For those who have never ventured into the realm of chick-lit, you must try it. It's not for men and it's not for those who like to be deep thinkers during reading. It's light and easy to read. I just finished This Heart of Mine by Susan Elizabeth Phillips. I find that most of the stories are a bit far fetched, although not quite as much as those Harlequin romances. Those are just outrageous! I read one while on vacation in the Smoky Mountains...not worth the paper that it was printed on!

I'm nervous to find out about my results this afternoon. I guess they'll call Peter since I'm not allowed to talk on the phone. I'll update you as I have news.

1 comment:

Scott said...

Chick-lit, huh!? I can safely say that I will never venture down that path. I'm glad they didn't remove your sense of humor too. Welcome home!

Thanks for the blog! I'll follow closely.

Scott (and Zach)