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Saturday, September 25, 2010

Honeysuckle Hill Farm

Today, the kids and I had to find something to do while Peter was at school (ALL day).  I decided that since the weather was nice, we should do something outdoors and when I found out that Honeysuckle's first day to be open was today, I loaded the kids in the car and headed to the middle of nowhere.  Seriously though, it's actually not a bad drive from Nashville.  Most of the drive was interstate and the turns off of the highway weren't confusing.  When we got close enough, there were even some really nice blue signs!
The kids enjoyed running through the corn maze, digging their toes into the corn box (a sand box without the sand, full of corn up to Alexander's knees; Charlotte actually didn't like this as much but I could have taken a nap lying in the corn.  It has nice cushion and forms to your body!), jumping on the corn popper, petting farm animals, riding the cow train, and doing duck races, plus lots more!  I highly recommend taking your family out to Honeysuckle Hill Farm, especially if it's a nice day!
Inside the kiddie corn maze (the big one was 7 acres and I wasn't up for it without a helper)

Charlotte NOT enjoying the corn box

Tonight, Alexander says to Peter, "Daddy, did you know that cotton grows on a plant?"
I'm going to have to take my children to farms more often!

It was difficult to climb these huge bales of hay!  Charlotte thought she wanted to try it until she realized what the hay felt like.  She's not big on getting dirty!

I wasn't surprised when Alexander made friends with a little girl who led him through this maze.

Charlotte made a friend, too!

Cow train!

Sweet brother!  He was so good and helpful all day today!   Again, maybe I should take them to farms more often!


Also, just thought I'd show you a picture of the pajama pants that I made for Alexander yesterday. He's been begging me to make something for him and I didn't think it would be fair to just make things for Charlotte when he's so appreciative. I won't be able to sew for him for very long so I'm making the most of it!

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