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Thursday, September 23, 2010

Busy week!

It has been a very busy week!  I started two different sewing classes, one of which goes for three weeks and one that was all day Wednesday and Thursday.  My Monday night class is a basic construction class.  Some might wonder why I felt like I needed a basic construction class after all the sewing that I've done in the last few months.  I think that in this hobby of mine, I always have room to improve.  Also, there are things that I don't feel very comfortable doing on my own yet (um, buttonholes?).  So, in three weeks, I hope to post a picture of a cute red corduroy overall and a blouse.  I'll keep you updated on progress!
I need to gush about my time in class the last two days.  Our teacher was Leisl Gibson, the brains behind Oliver & S, and she was just fabulous.  If you ever get a chance to sew under her (rumor has it that she might make an appearance at a Martha Pullen sewing school; I can cross my fingers, right?), please do it!!  If you can't make it to a class, just grab a few of the Oliver&S patterns and get sewing!  The directions are very user friendly, even for those who haven't been sewing long!  Here's a picture of the Hopscotch knit shirt that I made today.  Do you like my new model?  I never have to worry about him wiggling and messing up my picture!
I still need hem it but it's nearly finished!  It was the first time that I have worked with knit and I'm pleased with the result.  It takes a little bit of getting used to the stretch of the fabric but I feel like I want to run out and buy a few more knits to pair with cute leggings for the fall.
I'm also working on finishing the School Photo Dress.  Here's a picture of Leisl and me with my unfinished dress.  Just need to set the sleeves and hem the dress and lining!  Too tired tonight to finish but maybe sometime this weekend?!

I wasn't just sitting around at the beginning of the week either!  I worked on this fall bunting using a tutorial I found on Funky Polkadot Giraffe.  I'm loving how it turned out and the kids helped me hang it from the mantle the other day.  Alexander thinks I need to make more decorations!

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