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Friday, April 18, 2008

A brand new year, a brand new blog.

Greetings, friends! I bet that many of you have stopped checking this blog...but if you're reading now, then you must be keeping up! Sorry that I fell off the wagon! I'm back in the saddle and ready to share our lives with you!

I am still cancer free and have been working keeping my TSH at the right level. I think we were close to getting me on the right dosage of medication when I discovered that I was PREGNANT! Yep, that's right...pregnancy number three! They're trying to get my medication adjusted again since the baby steals my thyroid hormone for his/her own!
Wow, am I ready for this? As of yesterday, I am twelve weeks along and have been feeling every moment of the pregnancy. I've been tired, nauseated, sore, and the heartburn has already begun! But I'm happy. A little nervous...but very happy!

I have seen my midwife once and she's scheduled me for an ultrascreen next week. The ultrascreen is an ultrasound combined with some blood tests. They'll look at the nuchal translucency which is the fluid behind baby's neck. This is the test that showed that Matthew probably had a chromosome abnormality. I'm not sure how long it takes to get the results of the test back but I'll keep everyone updated as we know anything.

Until that time, we covet the thoughts and prayers of our friends and family. After a couple years of some pretty rotten life events, all that we want is a healthy baby.

In other news, Alexander has been accepted into a different preschool that has a summer program. Beginning June 1st, he'll be at Glen Leven Day School three days a week from 9-3! He had been on the waiting list for nearly two years so I am very pleased that he's been accepted. I am a little sad that he'll be leaving his current school - they've been great and he's loved his teachers, Miss Jo and Miss Patti! But, Glen Leven is closer, has a summer program, and had an opening for him! Hooray!

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