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Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Introducing Baby Hamilton

Thump, Thump, Thump...That's what my heart was doing as she placed that wand on my tummy. Since this was the first ultrasound that I'd had, I was anxious about the baby being in there. And then, thump, thump, thump, went the baby's heart beat! What a reassuring sound! So, there is a baby in there and his/her heart is beating like a drum!

It took quite a while for the sonographer to get all the pictures that she needed for the ultrascreen. I had to move from my back to my right side, to my back, to my left side...she asked me to cough several times and then jiggled my tummy to get baby to move into the right position.

I guess she found the right position because she went off to find the radiologist to read the results. I was so nervous while we waited. It took about 5 minutes and then both the radiologist and the sonographer returned to the room.

I can't quite tell you how I feel about the results. In my opinion, they didn't really tell us anything. I think that we'll probably end up getting an amnio during my second trimester. Here's exactly what the radiologist explained:

The computer generated results show that the risk of having a baby with Trisomy 18/13 have decreased from 1 in 132 to 1 in 2,621. When we had the test with Matthew, my risk was 1 in 12. So I do have to believe that this result is favorable. The other part of the test showed an increased risk of down syndrome, from 1 in 609 to 1 in 259.

I'm trying to stay positive since I know that this is only a screening test. Peter reassured me that 1 in 259 is much different from 1 in 12. He's right. But I still don't like looking at this sheet of paper in front of me that says, "INCREASED RISK." It's all in capital letters. Is that supposed to give me peace?

So, now that I'm getting my worry and frustration out via writing this blog, I feel a bit better. I've lodged a call with my midwife and hope to go ahead and plan an amnio which I believe that I can have between weeks 16 and 19 (or anytime after that). I'm 13 weeks tomorrow so in the long run, 3-5 more weeks isn't that much longer to wait!

Thank you so much for your thoughts and prayers! I'm going to continue to request them until I get the results of the next test. :)

P.S. In the ultrasound photo above, it looks a little like an appendage is coming out of baby's head. That is, in fact, an arm. However, it's in the correct place, baby was just waving hello to us (and you)!

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