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Monday, April 28, 2008


Alexander is only 3 years old but has a new girlfriend at least once a month. He's had the same one for a while now though. Her name is Wyatt and that's her in the photo above. This pic was taken at Alexander's 3rd birthday party back in March. Despite the fact that we've spent plenty of time outdoors, he is still as pasty white as he is in the photo. I'm going to blame that on his red-headed daddy who burns if he's out in the sun longer than about 4 minutes. Alexander is beginning to have freckles on his face! You can't see them in this photo or in any photos, unless they're extreme closeups. They're just lightly dotted across his nose. So cute!
My next midwife appointment will be May 7. I'm sure I'll post before then but just in case I don't, know to expect a post on or just after May 7!

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