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Monday, August 27, 2007


Well, I think that some of you are still logging on to check if I've typed anything. So, here I am! I've been busy the last few weeks now that Alexander is home! Peter stayed home from work the first week that Alexander was home and Dad was here for a week helping me transition. I sent Dad home on a Thursday and have been on my own for over a week.

I've gotten quite a bit of my energy back and am starting to feel like myself again. I still get pretty tired by the middle of the afternoon, especially after chasing Alexander around at the pool all morning.

I have an appointment with my endocrinologist next week. She'll check my TSH level and will adjust my medication as necessary.

That's the update for now. I'd like to type more but I hear a little boy saying, "mummy, come and get me out!" More later...


Anonymous said...

Dear Anne, Peter and Alexander,

What an amazing family you are! It has been utterly awe-inspiring to follow your blog - managing to get updates done AND going through what you have all been through. (I feel guilty for not writing earlier - please accept my apolgies).

It is extremely good news that your cancer hasn't spread further than your throat, and with such inner strength as you guys have shown, you have proved that a positive attitude is worth its weight in gold.

And what better thing to look forward to than family life back at home? We're really pleased to learn of your progress, and you remain in our thoughts.


Anonymous said...

Hi All

So glad to hear life is returning to normal and Anne thanks for updating your blogg even though you are run off your feet with Alexander. Hugs to you all, love and prayers.

Fiona and boys

futroska said...

Be sure to post a blog about your dr visit.

I hope all your TSH Levels are where they need to be!

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