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Monday, June 13, 2011

What in the world is that??

That is the question that many people ask when this vegetable arrives with the latest bunch of CSA goodies.  So, in case you're wondering what it is or what you can do with it, I have some ideas!  First, it's called kohlrabi.  Kohlrabi means cabbage turnip in German. It tastes like turnip or the stems of broccoli.  The greens of the plant can be eaten; cut them off right away and store no longer than a few days.  If they're not crisp, they're probably not as good any more.  Store the bulbs in the fridge, unwashed and in a plastic bag.  Tender, young kohlrabi is delicious eaten raw. Peel the outer skin with a paring knife (the skin is really fibrous and tastes yucky, in my opinion). Slice, dice, or grate, and add to salads. Use on raw vegetable platters or serve with a creamy dip. Substitute in recipes calling for radishes. Grated kohlrabi can be added to slaw, but lightly salt it first and let stand for several minutes. Squeeze to remove any excess water before adding dressing. Kohlrabi can also be steamed or boiled. For this preparation don’t peel until after they are cooked. Steam or boil until bulbs are tender, peel skin, and season with butter, salt, and pepper, a cheese sauce, or just enjoy plain.

Ok, so that's the boring info.  Now for the good recipes.  Here's an easy slaw-type recipe for you to test out. This one incorporates beets, carrots, and kohlrabi so you can use up lots of your CSA veggies in one go!  It's incredibly easy and quick to throw together!

I have not yet tried this recipe but I am so excited about it!  I know that Peter will love it because of the ginger that the recipe calls for.  Here's the link to the recipe:  How could you resist any sort of empanada??

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