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Wednesday, June 8, 2011

To-do Tuesdays (er...On Wednesday)

Summer has really taken off with a bang and I'm enjoying spending time with the kids!  This week, both kids are in swimming lessons and they're doing a great job.  I'm especially proud of Alexander who, at the beginning of the week wasn't confident enough to swim and after three days of lessons swam across the pool on his own using pizza arms, kicking legs, and face in the water!  Charlotte is catching on to the whole face in the water thing and is not a huge fan but she does like to play in the pool.  She'll be a fish in no time!

Alexander can float on his back for at least 20 seconds!

That's Alexander's head; he's swimming!  I sounded like such a dork when he was swimming across the pool!

Glad she looks happy here!
Things to do this week:

Cut out Charlotte's dress for Robert and Irene's wedding
Work on baby gift
Get quotes on honeycomb blinds for the office (has anyone used these before?)

1 comment:

Danielle said...

You didn't sound like a dork. You sounded like a proud momma!!! ;-)